Child Tunic

The young master is wearing a lovely tunic in purple and yellow. Designed for the younger crowd but based on our adult tunic, these garments available in cotton, flannel and wool/acrylic (we use the acrylic for the ease of washing - after all, kids have a tendency to get a bit dirtier than adults).

Prices start at $20.00

Girl's hood with gown and chemise

Our little model is sporting a wool and flannel hood with the below ensemble. The hood is wool on the exterior, with a soft cotton flannel lining to avoid the itching that can occur with wool. There are two buttons on the front opening for ease of donning and removal. Hoods are also available for adults see our Miscellany Page.

$25.00 each

Dress and Chemise Ensemble

This lovely young lady is wearing our size small chemise in grey under a small size turquoise gown. The chemise is a child's version of our adult undergarment, and comes in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. The gowns can be side laced or laced across the back (and the front, but this is hidden under the front of the bodice) to fit just about any waistline. Available in three lengths (skirts at 24", 36" and 45" long). The large sizes can fit some small adults.

Chemises are $15.00 - $25.00
Gowns are $40.00 and up

Mom and daughter visit the PA Renn Faire

This mother and daughter decided that matching dresses were the way to go. Mom is wearing our largest child gown, which is perfect in a tea length. Her daughter is wearing our smallest child size, and at this length can also be worn to school as a jumper.