Adult Hood

A new item for us - hoods for all ages. Ever want to keep dry or warm and not want to wear the weight of a full cloak? Then these hoods are perfect for you. Made in wool and lined in cotton flannel, they don't scratch or itch and feel toasty warm. Also available for children.

Adult sizes from $50.00

A cloak

Our 3/4 circle cloak is made from coat weight wool and lined with raw silk noil. Included in the price is a clasp from our findings page (the lion clasp does cost an extra $3.00). Cloaks can be made in three lengths: Fingertip length, Short, and Full length.

$120.00 Fingertip length (36" to 42" long)
$150.00 Short (43" to 50" long)
$200.00 Full length (50" long)