One of the original Thorny Rose designs!

Thorny Rose first started because a few friends and I saw a need- for good quality work at reasonable prices. So, four of us got together and started sewing. Our first event was a Renaissance Faire in southern Virginia (Black Diamond in Atlantia) in October 1991. We were well received.

My patient husband

Over the next couple of years, we grew a bit and got used to the fact that we would have fabric over every flat surface in the house (I have to thank my husband for being extremely understanding). We gained a partner and started merchanting at Pennsic (Pennsic XXI, our first). In June 1993, I discovered I was expecting a baby and then moving. It was decided that I would buy out the other partners. After the birth of my first child, I started sewing full time, as it allowed me to stay home with the baby.

Ever since then, we've grown and grown. We started taking credit cards and business exploded! It's gotten big enough that two people just can't keep up- so we've hired more machine operators and on we go!

Now, we have expanded to making everything from the basic t-tunic to a full modern wedding gown, and everything in between. Have something you've always wanted and never been able to find? Give us a call (or send an e-mail)- most likely, we'll be able to accommodate your needs!

My daughters

While we've enjoyed the last six years at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, it's time to move on. The Faire was a large commitment of time that the current economy does not allow for. We will miss the family that we made there, and look forward to new endeavors.

As we were into our 21st year, we had recovered from our first year at the NY renaissance faire and looked forward to our second season- which was even more fabulous! We've made some new friends and I'm sure we will continue to make even more! Sometimes I marvel at just how long this thing that started as a hobby (and a way to feed my fabric addiction without my husband getting too upset) has lasted and it's showing every sign of going on for a good many years. All that comes to mind at this point is to say thank you to all of our customers over the years- and welcome to those that have yet to become part of our extended family.

As we continue making a name for ourselves at the New York Renaissance Faire, we have made a fairly major move. We spent two years wedged into our little building. And while we had a great time there, at times we and our customers felt a bit, well, cramped would be a nice word! So, when the opportunity arose this past season to move to a larger space, we grabbed it quickly and firmly with both hands. A kind merchant that was retiring passed on her building and we hope to continue to make it a welcoming and happy space.

Our new home