Cranach dress

This dress was based on the Lucas Cranach dresses of the Landesknect era. The skirt has been constructed separately from the bodice, although the two are attached after being finished. The bodice is laced over the plastron, but connected to the breastband with flat hooks and eyes.

Rowan solo dress front

This was our first attempt at a solo dress - it was well received. The dress was more work than planned, but when one is learning it takes time. The body of the dress is pink watermark satin with silver beads and crystals. The dragons and knot motifs are made from blue and purple confetti dot and apple green satin (with beads and crystals). The underskirts and pleats are made from gold beaded and crystal satin.

Rowan solo dress back

The back of the solo dress above - the gold fabric around the dragons is the same gold that lines the underskirt and pleats.

Kerry Dance

This was formerly the official school dress for Kerry Dance in Warwick, NY. The embroidery was completed by a third party, but we constructed the dress. Soon we hope to start making solo dresses. Want that dream dress? Contact us, and we may be able to make it a reality.

Prices start at $500

Kerry Dance back

The back of the irish dress above. The shawl attaches with three large snaps.

Luis de Castilla heraldric tunic

This heraldric tunic was created from the owner's registered device for combat in East Kingdom Crown Tournament. The trimming and the applique are done with that in mind.

12th Night 2003

This gown was created for the Twelfth Night of Andreas II and Isabella II. The shift, hat and belt are not shown.

Katharina von Mecklenburg

This is the portrait from which the above gown was copied. It is the portrait of Katharina von Mecklenburg done by Lucas Cranach the Elder in 1514.

German Renaissance

This gown was created for the Coronation of Andreas II and Isabella II. The sleeves, constructed from over 50 separate pieces, give that distinctive German Renaissance flair.

German Renaissance simple

This gown was also made for the Coronation of Andreas II and Isabella II. The request was for something elegant but not overly elaborate.

Italian style dress

Custom dress made in the Italian style. The sleeves can either be worn as normal or the hooks and eyes released so they lie against the side out of the way.

Cotehardie wedding

Our lovely bride is wearing a cotehardie made from jaquard with velvet trim. Her undergown is made from raw silk noil with sleeves of cloth of gold (as only the sleeves show from under the cotehardie). Her bridesmaid is wearing a similar cotehardie with no trim but with contrasting tippets.

Gustav, coronation of Isabella and Andreas

This slashed doublet and venetians, made from silk satin, was made for the Coronation of Andreas and Isabella, in the kingdom of the East.


This garment is a basic princess line with multiple gores added to each seam. It is laced up the back with buttons on the fitted sleeves.

Loose gown in the Spanish style and matching doublet

These two matching pieces were made for the Coronation of Timothy and Gabrielle II in the kingdom of the East. The ladies garment is a loose gown in the Spanish style. The man's ensemble includes a doublet with removable sleeves, trunkhose, capelet and shirt. The shirt has blackwork in a celtic knotwork motif.

detail of embroidery

The picture shows the detail of the embroidery used on the garments above. The hand worked exterior trim and interior design of salamanders were both completed using silk. The male ensemble uses the exterior trim but is unembellished on the interior.

Velvet cotehardie with thistle buttons and tights

A basic knee length men's cotehardie with dagging at the bottom hem. The center front opening is closed with decorative thistle buttons (found on our findings page). It is being worn with off-white tights (found in our men's changing room) and a wool plaid.

Ree's wedding

This wedding gown was designed from a picture supplied by the client. The dress is a basic princess seam style with a full floor length skirt and angel-wing sleeves. Beading on the bodice was done after delivery.

Cormac's wedding Tudor

This elaborate piece is still not as fancy as the Tudor ensemble it is based upon. The shirt, jerkin and bases are also worn with a codpiece and slops (not shown). This particular set was created based on a portrait of Henrey VIII of England with the client's fabrics.

Modern wedding

We created the five bridesmaid gowns to the bride's specifications and completed the alterations on the bride's own gown. The five matching bodices were made from cotton velvet with upholstery piping. The skirts are 2 layers of tulle lined with satin.