Our t-tunic is the basic garment through the 14th century for both men and women. Hemlines can be made to fall between mid-thigh and floor length. Fabrics range from simple cotton twill to wool and silk.

Prices start at $45.00

Viking Pants

Our viking style pants are baggy to the knee and fitted along the calf. These pants are very similar to the mongol style, but fit into boots more easily. Stock pieces are made from striped or solid cotton.

$50.00 a pair

Mongol Pants

Our mongol pants are designed similarly to a pair of sweat pants, with drawstrings at the waist and ankles. Can be worn by both men and women. Available in both solid and plaid. Patterns vary.

$40.00 a pair


A doublet is a man's version of our basic bodice. It has a simple standing collar and button closure (buttons can be replaced with anything from our findings page. Buttons over $0.75 each will incur a small fee). The garment is reversible and has epaulets and peccadils like the ladies bodice however, unlike the ladies version, there is no boning. 8 sizes are available off the rack (Jonathan, Connor, Piers, Gavin, Pisanello, Christopher, Dunchud and Istvan). Custom sizes are also available upon request.

$120.00 each


The basic men's shirt, this garment was a staple of a 16th century male wardrobe. Worn under the men's doublet (above), it can be dressed down for a pirate look, or up for more noble attire. Available in chest sizes 50", 60" and 70" and in a variety of colors. 100% cotton


Complete ensemble

Our handsome models are wearing the entire ensemble of doublet, shirt, and mongol style pants (viking style and tights are also available). When all three are purchased together (doublet, shirt, and any of the pants styles) the discounted total is:

$230.00 with mongol style pants (either cotton or flannel)
$240.00 with viking style pants
$260.00 with tights

Tights Tights from the back

100% stretch cotton, these tights come with a working codpiece that ties, and an elastic waist. The foot is styled similar to a tube sock, and can be cut to length for each individual. Colors vary. Currently available: black, blue, white, off-white, grey, red, plum and burgundy. Custom colors also available - contact us for availability.

$70.00 a pair